Thursday, March 29, 2012


OK, I'll have to start this blog with I picture I took myself (pictures of me, taken by someone else will follow). It does set the seen for where the blog is going though! :P

A lovely sunny day at Langar Airfield and drop zone!

OK, now to the exciting stuff! I got up this morning, as usual, and headed in to my 9 am lecture. The end of the lecture came and my friend said "I'm going skydiving" (this isn't out of the ordinary as she's the president of the sky dive society at uni), she then said "do you want to come?"

Given that sky diving is on my official list of things to do before I'm 25 (and even if it wasn't I'd have wanted to do it!), I said yes, so off we went to the air field. They got me up and ready remarkably quickly! So after a quick brief we were on the plane and on the way up to 13000 feet!

I hadn't really had time to get nervous as it had all been decided very fast, I was ridiculously excited by this point! The nerves did start to kick in a bit when the door was opened and a few of the jumpers left at a lower altitude. More nerves when I'm sitting dangling my legs out of the door (although very excited too)...

(please excuse my stupid faces - I don't do photos very well!)

And there we go....

Had about 60 seconds of free fall, wow. That's an adrenaline rush and a half!

He wasn't even looking!

We then had about 5 minutes gliding down with the parachute open. That was nice. After the rush of free fall everything was so quiet, and even with the haziness of the sunshine you could see for miles and really take in the view. He even did a few spins on the way down. And here we are coming in for a perfect landing...

Definitely one of the best things I've ever done!

Spent the rest of the day on the airfield (hopefully haven't got too sunburnt!) watching everyone else dive (some of them are amazing!)

Tomorrow promises to be far less exciting, a lecture in the afternoon and a day spent packing I think!

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