Saturday, March 3, 2012


First thing to talk about today is last night, don't get me wrong, most of it was very good but unfortunately for 2 out of the 5 of us it ended in a less than pleasant manner (I shan't go into the details...). Safe to say it's put me off going back to a Flaming Gill pub again as well...

So today, having opted to not have any painkillers before bed (following the post-meal antics), I woke up early and hadn't slept very well. At least it gave me the chance to test whether my arm has fixed or not (it hasn't!). Up by 8, washing on, house's washing up done and cracking on with my lab report.

The next 4 or 5 hours were very dull. Despite lab report being almost finished yesterday it took me a long time to finish it today. A few tweaks here and there, getting the referencing done and the figures labelled. I think all my hard work over the last week or so has been worth it though - my housemate proof read it for me and said he was scared by good it is!

It may have been stressful doing all the data analysis and going round and round in circles but I almost enjoyed writing the report, because I like writing (hence the blog!). Just hope my mark reflects the amount of work I put into it!

Now, at this point I still had 13 hours of lectures to listen to and make notes from, some work shop questions to go through, and some more planning for labs on Monday. From this I achieved the lab planning bit. Feel like I should have done more work but I expect I really did need the break from it. Lab planning was successful though, opened the new moleskine notebook (thanks GSK!) and made some notes as to plans for what's going to be going on in the lab. Still not looking forward to it though!

I then sat, for a while, then went to Sainsbury's with my housemate, and then sat some more. Work was in front of me but I just couldn't bring myself to do it! Unfortunately at around 4 I scuppered my chances of doing any more work for a little while 'cos I opted to go for my now weekly 10 minute bike ride. Well, according to endomondo I did 14 minutes (2.09 miles, max speed of 21 mph...), that's a little bit further than last week, and a little bit more further than the week before that. I now feel really quite broken!

If anyone was driving/walking along near the canal in Nottingham and saw someone with a manic grin but at the same time pulling really quite strange faces riding a bike. It was me! (despite the rubbishness of my arm I can't help but smile whilst riding - just wish I could go a bit further!)

And as has become tradition, here's my bike leaning on something near the canal. I'm going to run out of things to lean on soon seen as I can't go very far!

I'll try and do some work later, if not tomorrow will be more productive I'm sure!

2012 Riding total: 40.09 miles

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