Sunday, March 25, 2012


This blog is being brought to you from the garden. Pretty sure I'm the only one in the house who's actually awake so yes I am on my own out here. Just me, the sunshine, my laptop, coffee and a packet of biscuits! Have to make the most of it 'cos there't too many trees around so the sun doesn't last long in this garden. It really is lovely though!

First order of business - I was right. Cake baking occurred in the kitchen yesterday afternoon so it now looks as if someone hadn't spent 3 hours cleaning it yesterday, and instead threw around a bag of flour. Ah well, it as inevitable wasn't it?

Now those of you that pay attention to this blog will know that I had been advised by my doctor that 5-10 mins of gentle riding once a week should be my limit. You will also know that yesterday I did a not so gentle 15 minutes and complained that it hurt. What did I do this morning? After going over another polymers lecture I may have accidentally gone out on the bike again. Can't resist with the weather like this! Picked a slightly different route (slightly shorter, and a nice change of scenery!).

It didn't take long in the saddle today to realise that my doctors advice had been for a good reason. But did it stop me? 'Course not! I powered on, the new route having a bit more of a hill in it, so it was the first time in a long time that I've had the chance to really push my legs a bit. My new route also had another obstacle in it.

Now, I'm not sure what compelled me to do it. Given that just leaning on the bars causes enough problems, and bumps are definitely unpleasant. But something inside my head said that riding my down these steps (with rigid forks!) was a good idea. It was fun, despite the pain that it caused. This was a couple of hours ago, but I am still feeling broken. Hopefully be OK by labs tomorrow!

Ah yes, labs. Last week in teaching labs. Ever. If it was down to me we would spend the rest of our time in the lab just refining the products we've got, getting all the characterisation sorted and then being left with plenty of time to sort out all our glassware and stuff. Nice gentle lab sessions. Unfortunately it's a group decision and I expect that, despite the fact I'm 99% sure we won't have time, they'll insist on trying to make more compounds (because we are a bit lacking in variety) which is going to result in running around like headless chickens throughout the lab sessions and probable not achieving anything. Still. Such is life!

It's hard to be grumpy sitting in the sun, radio on (via the web) quietly, birds singing (and the always audible sound of the traffic!). It seems I've come full circle in this blog. So that's it from me for the weekend! I'll let you know how labs go tomorrow!

2012 Cycling total: 44.16 miles

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