Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's been a funny sort of day...

Yesterday evening was far less productive than I'd hoped - my plan of doing the organic tutorial because it might be fun failed miserably because I couldn't do it and still haven't finished it. I then really started trying to write this med chem report (draft due in next week), I've gone off biology...spent lots of time googling and vaguely came up with something which I've sent off in hope some one will have a look at it and explain the biology yo me ('cos I'm pretty sure I got it wrong!).

Biology has also plagued me today - we have a new lecturer for the second half of biosynthesis, I suspect I'm going to enjoy this half a lot less. He started by telling us we have to learn the 20 amino acids (not a huge problem I suppose, but could do without it!), someone questioned this by asking if it was fair, given that most of us are straight chemists with no biological background, the response was "yes, they're chemicals aren't they? Besides, you need to have something to memorise for the exam!". Not sure that's entirely the right attitude but hey, such is life!

Now before this lecture my morning began in a similar way to yesterday, I managed to spill my molecular modelling kit everywhere (having been playing with it yesterday to try and do the tutorial!). Made a bit of a mess!

And then off to uni, earlier than my housemates 'cos none of them are doing this module. It was a bit cold and drizzly when I set out. Bit miserable but still OK. Got about halfway in and it started chucking it down. Can only be described as torrential. I was not happy when I turned up to uni, I don't remember ever being so wet! The had to sit through this biosynthesis lecture.

My plan was then an hour of drinking coffee and working. But the coffee machine was broken, and I was distracted by a friend so did neither of those things (did get 5 million points on temple run though...)!

Thankfully the next lecture was better, he's definitely a contender in my personal lecturer of the year competition!

My afternoon then picked up significantly. An afternoon away from work and instead spent with (non-chemistry) friends as it was my oldest friends birthday. We had party food, played games and most importantly had cake!

The only down side to this was the almost hour long walk back afterwards (how I miss my bike!), but, although cold, it was sunny so with my iPod for company it was a nice walk. Lots of thinking.

I should probably do some work now. Not sure quite how the work keeps piling up on me. Don't know how the lazier students amongst us do it... perhaps I'm just not that efficient!


  1. I had to learn them for my first module at medical school (and possibly biochem in my A-level Chemistry but that was a long time ago!).

    In all honesty, let alone draw their structures - I would now struggle to name more than 4 of them. (There's definitely a Lysine, and a Tyramine? and a Glargine maybe? And one definitely starts with a Phenyl-? - 4 may have been a little optimistic).

    Hence proving all knowledge is very transient.....
    P.S. Can I have your chemical modelling kit to play with when you get your degree?

  2. (Ok so I got one and manage to get two horribly wrong.... oops)