Friday, March 2, 2012


Huzzah, it's the end of Friday! If only this meant the end of work. Much work to be done over the weekend - lab report to finish, notes to go over, a workshop to do and labs to prepare for. Really need to start writing our medicinal chemistry report too - have a while left to do this but it's occurred today just how little of the med chem stuff I actually know so it may take a while!

Today has been an odd kind of day, I'm not sure entirely why but I've just felt a bit strange. I've decided it's because I've been working too hard (although I doubt that's the actual reason!). In between bouts of strange feelings I was rather amused in our organic chemistry lecture, without having to worry about writing down the notes I couldn't help but look at what I'd been handed and think that the carbene derivatives all looked a bit sad/angry:

Today, as with most Fridays was a very stretched out day at uni so once I'd finished our lab plan for next week (yes, the group one which I ended up doing just about all of....) I thought I should go for a walk, and run an errand at the same time, so I could make the most of the good weather. Despite the rather inappropriately "placed" hills I do love our campus :)

Ooo, an update on my secret mission...I e-mailed someone else about it, as they'll likely be involved too so it's only fair they know what's going on (even if you lot don't get to know!) and he was a tad more helpful with his response so my not looking forward to labs is at least slightly less now!

Tonight? Instead of work I'm taking the night off. My housemate is doing a bit meat eating challenge at the pub in celebration of his finishing of labs for the year (I'm not in the slightest bit jealous...), so for once I'm doing the student thing and spending my Friday evening down t'pub. Although not going to studenty 'cos I shan't be drinking anything alcoholic (cos I don't really do drinking alcohol and even if I wanted to I'm told it wouldn't mix well with my various painkillers...)

Hope you all have a good Friday night!

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