Friday, March 23, 2012


I said goodbye to Ned today.

Don't know what happened to him, he was fine Wednesday night and was in bed when I left for uni yesterday morning. When I came back he was looking very ill indeed, lying against the side of his cage. I had an afternoon and evening of hamster cuddling, trying to keep him warm and encouraging him to drink. Unfortunately it didn't help.

Found him a nice spot in the garden though.

I'm quite upset by this. To some people, he was just a hamster, one that I've only had for a year, but he was really important to me. I got him at the end of exams last summer, which wasn't all that long before I had my cycling accident. I've said before I know it could have been a lot worse, but it's still be quite a tough year for me, and despite various states of hand working, and the fact that holding a hamster has often been quite painful he has offered me many big cuddles with his fluffiness. When not being cuddled I've spent many hours watching him happily playing in his cage (usefully positioned on my desk!).

The "trauma" of this experience has been made worse by the fact that he's the only pet I've had since moving to uni so it's been entirely down to me to look after him. Therefore it was also my responsibility to bury him. Never had to do that before :-(

It has already been suggested that I get a new hamster, but I don't think I will. Not for a while anyway.

I'm gonna miss you my little Neddy bear...

Going to be a long day at uni today I think :-(

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