Monday, March 19, 2012


Have I ever mentioned that I don't like labs?

Once again it was all going too well! After a productive morning somehow by the end of the afternoon we're really behind and given that next week is the last week of the project we might not finish now. We've made enough compounds to do our lab report, as we only need 2 between us, but not enough to do the medicinal chemistry report.

In a bit of a mad rush at 4 we've put on one of last weeks reactions again in a hope to get a good intermediate which we can continue with and get enough compounds, but the time it'll take to go through the column it's doubtful that we'll actually finish with it (given we'd have to column the final product too....). Panic!

Here's what I ended up spending much of today doing...

My hands also smell of miscellaneous chemicals, despite numerous washings. And my arm hurts.

Sorry. I'll stop being grumpy now. An evening of no work awaits (tomorrow afternoon is designated for getting more lecture notes done!), ready to get back in the lab early tomorrow morning!

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