Thursday, March 8, 2012


Despite the fact I'm feeling substantially less than 100% today (almost woke my housemate up in the night because I felt so ill, and yes I'm going to blame it on organic labs!) I've actually had quite a nice day!

2 hours of lectures passed with much sleepiness (definitely glad I record them)!, probably could have paid more attention in the 2nd one but I had an e-mail to reply to, we've reached a level of friendliness where smiley faces are acceptable so I thought I'd make the most of it and reply quickly!

After lectures was when the fun started though, went to the computer centre with a friend for a couple of hours - he had a plan to write, and I was supposed to be continuing with my med-chem report (I did make some progress...), but ended up drawing his diagrams and helping him do research instead (ionic liquids are more exciting than enzymes I've never heard of...). Following this we went to one of the campus bars and he bought me a drink (just coke!), and paid for a BBQ chicken wing platter thing which we shared.

We then played pool too, despite rubbishness of arm I even managed to win a game!

Then home, lots of work to do but I ended up having a nap (yes I know...) and then finally made it to Sainsbury's having been needing a trip for a while. Had to go to the big Sainsbury's so I could stock up on cough remedies (not that I expect they'll be any use if it is chemical related, although I expect it isn't!). All that means it's now half 5 and I still haven't done any more work, but I did get a nice view on the way back which my iPhone camera picked up much better than I expected!

Tomorrow's an odd kind of day. One lecture at 10 and a workshop at 4 (and we have to get our lab plan for the next 3 weeks approved in the middle somewhere). I have contemplated staying at uni for the day and attempting to work but I think I shall come home instead, especially seen as I have a doctor's appointment at 5.20...wonder who's going to be the tired grumpiest - me or him?

See you tomorrow folks (unless my lungs have given up by then...)

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