Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So, what's new?

Labs - my NMR was declared MIA at 10 am this morning (despite having all the right paperwork!), so that was redone, and confirms (I think) that my product is my product. That's about all the happened in labs!

The plague - My cold which should be getting better by now really isn't, that's 8 nights sleeping sitting up so far and it is spreading I now have an earache and have gone a bit deaf :( . I need sleep...

Riding - despite being ill, and broken I needed a little ride so went out for a quick spin today. Arm definitely hasn't improved, another 2.05 miles under my belt though...

That brings the 2012 riding total up to 42.14 miles.

Other news:

At some point in the last 2 weeks my housemate has had is bike stolen from our shed. Thankfully they didn't take mine (it was locked to the floor!), but I have now moved it inside. If any one sees an 18" grey Inbred around Nottingham it may well be the one so please let me know...

Not nice to know that someone has been in our garden and our shed :(

Last thing:

Having a BBQ this afternoon. Many people have been invited. I'm going to hide (and being ill I feel I have an excuse!). I should probably show my face at some point just to be sociable...

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