Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It went too well yesterday didn't it?

My product from yesterday once solvent free is what can only be described as a smear on the glass, and it needs crystallising next week so the amount will only go down. Our scale up reaction (which is the one we're were supposed to be doing next week), didn't go horrendously but I'm sure has produced way less product than we need so chemistry wise not a brilliant session!

To make things worse I managed to burn my finger (and now have a rather impressive blister!), who knew that glass would burn when it's hot enough to be bendy...? And, I dropped a solvent bottle (got a bit adventurous with my left hand!), managed to rescue it with an impressive reflex catch in my other hand, my reflexes hadn't taken into account the round bottomed flask I was holding in the same hand... not brilliant (although I guess I was lucky as I avoided spilling the contents of the solvent bottle, and despite smashing the round bottomed flask between that bottle and my hand I somehow managed to avoid getting a giant shard of glass in my hand...). And I worked hard to ended up with a rather sore arm at the end. :-(

I knew things were going to go horribly wrong without our GSK mentor around! This led to a very grumpy Becky, especially given that he's not back next week and we're sharing the lab with lots more people so it's not going to get any easier!

*grumble grumble labs grumble grumble*

My mood has been slightly improved by the fact that for lunch we went to Domino's cos it's voucher time again so had a really nice pizza for only £1, and we sat on the grass in the sun and ate it!

Then had a highly amusing conversation with housemates which resulted in one of them proving that he could open the fridge from lying on the floor if the other one broke his legs with an iron...don't ask!

I've got an afternoon of work ahead of me (again!), assuming I can motivate myself. Organic first because despite epic failings in labs I'm actually finding that the most enjoyable at the moment (I should probably whisper things like that so no one hears!)

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