Friday, March 16, 2012


I have been entirely organised and started speaking to the relevant people today, I say "speaking" I wimped out, despite having the perfect opportunity to do so, and sent an e-mail so have a meeting thing organised for next week. Hopefully this will mean things get sorted out (although I'm still not entirely sure what can be done!). What would be even nicer is if I spontaneously fix between now and exams, but I expect that might be a bit optimistic...

I have also finished the dreaded med-chem report, well at least finished the draft of it enough that I could hand it in to be checked over before writing of the real thing commences!

I have a lecture at 3 today. On polymers. Until 5. Yes 2 hours, of polymers last thing on a Friday - who thought that was a good idea? Means I should stop writing and get ready to leave, so I shall make it quick!

Today's photo is a very fluffy looking Ned the hamster...

Parents are visiting tomorrow. This is very exciting because this is the longest I've stayed at uni. I'd always gone home every 2-3 weeks but I haven't been back since the Christmas holidays so it'll be very nice to see them (and they must be missing me if they're coming to visit!)

Does mean I ought to tidy my room though...

So, goodbye until tomorrow folks!

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