Sunday, March 18, 2012


Today has thus far mainly been work filled so I shan't bore you with the details, have been remarkably productive though (just as well as I really did need to make a dent in the pile of notes to go over, although it is still in double figures!).

Other work related news - got my lab report mark back yesterday, it gave me 82% overall in physical labs. Really pleased with this, especially seen as my housemate, and member of my group got 71%. Nice to know that hard work pays off sometimes! If I can get a similar mark in the final lab rotation (should be doable given I got 84% in the first one) it should really take the pressure of exams, seen as labs are worth so much - so fingers crossed!

Somehow in between work, and family visiting I've managed to watch the world cup cycling (men's and women's XC and DH). Really exciting stuff watching the action in South Africa, just disappointing to know that that's it until early June as far as the World Cup goes!

As well as providing me with much entertainment it really has reminded me how much I miss cycling. There's a huge difference between a 10 minute pootle to the canal and the buzz of racing along dusty singletrack on a sunny evening! It's almost certain that I won't be racing this season (although am hoping to turn up with my camera instead!), but getting back on the bike is still something I'm keen to do (obviously fixing would be handy for other things like uni, and getting a job but biking is fun!), I'll definitely be having a good chat with my consultant next month (given he expected I'd be problem free by now...) to see what can be done!

*grumble grumble* rubbish arm *grumble grumble*

Speaking of doctors...

This guy must be a plastic surgeon right? (sorry!)

Not sure about the bed side manner...looks a bit scary to me!

Back in the lab tomorrow, should be starting our Suzuki couplings, according to one of our lecturers they're rather easy to do - so much so that he made the moron/boron comparison! So fingers crossed! Our GSK mentor is coming in tomorrow too (yay!), so that should help things to go a bit more smoothly!

So until tomorrow folks! :-)

PS: This is my 78th post of the year, having made 78 posts in the entirety of last year I feel this is something to be proud of!

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