Sunday, March 4, 2012


Well as you know my plan for today involved lots and lots of work. I'm not going to lie, I got off to a bit of a slow start. I must have been tired 'cos I didn't wake up until gone half 7 (and that's late for me!), lounged about until breakfast at 9 and then ended up laying on my bed dozing until well past 11.

That was the morning gone then. Once I got going though I was pretty productive, managed to get through 4 hours of organic chemistry lectures (so I'm up to date with that module, until Wednesday anyway!), still have quite a few more hours to go (although thankfully out of double figures now!), not going to do any more tonight mind!

Also managed half an hour or so of some physical/inorganic chemistry work shop questions. Not interesting enough to hold my attention though so I gave up and had some food instead. Based on my now, post-dinner feelings I expect that's it for me today with work, 'cept for helping my brother learn some maths later!

Given that I'm going to be in the lab all day tomorrow I think I can have a relaxing evening. Looks like we really will be in the lab all day as well, as opposed to previous lab rotations where everything has been done early. We've got a tight schedule to follow if we're going to get everything done for our project. I'm not optimistic, even now and not having set foot in the lab, but it is my first "real" chemistry in over a year and depending where life takes me it could be the last time I ever go in a lab so I should try and make the best of it. I'll keep telling myself that. *grumble grumble labs grumble grumble*

Here's today's picture. Work and coffee (lunch!), what an exciting life I lead! :P

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