Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm going to be *that* person. Whilst it was mainly nice outside and I have definitely enjoyed the sun, I was too hot!

Still - here's some nice sunny photos (should have photographed our BBQ - 2 in March isn't bad going!)

I fear my opinion of the sun today may have been some what skewed by lab induced grumpiness. Had to go to sort out our NMRs today. Mine are entirely rubbish, despite definitely putting enough of my product in (and requesting that one be ran for longer given that it gave a weak signal the first time I tried) all the useful peaks pretty much blend into the noise. Still, nothing I can do about it now so should probably stop panicking about it!

Had a doctors appointment this afternoon and being the lazy person that I am I spent the 4 hours in between finishing uni and having to be there generally not doing very much of anything on campus (hence the photos!). Having read back through my blog I realise I was quite cryptic about my last doctors appointment, I shall do the same now because you know, somethings should really be kept at least a little bit private.

The worrying thing is that he has now seen me so many times he doesn't have to shout my name in the waiting room, because he knows me. Was a bit of an odd appointment today as we'd basically decided what was going to happen the last time I was there, but he wanted to see me before I disappear off home for a month. I got a top up of painkillers, plus a new drug (new to me, not an actual new drug), the chemist in me still gets very excited - I have to google them, and then find out their structures and how they work!

His big secret weapon (no not that sort of secret weapon!) if my consultant doesn't come up with something a bit magic when I see him in a few weeks, is acupuncture. Not sure how I feel about this. I think I'm wiling to give it a go (although I'm not entirely sure!), but it seems a bit like giving up as it's only going to help the pain and isn't going to fix me. Not a great thought, but I shall be optimistic and cling on to the hope!

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