Saturday, March 31, 2012


Aaah, it's nice to be home! First time in 9 weeks (longest I've been away!).

Unfortunately being home means that I now have to unpack everything, and being the first time that just about all my stuff has been home in 2 and a half years it's proving tricky to find a home for everything (I used to have a wardrobe for one thing!)

Ah well, sure I'll get there soon enough! Having not even been home 12 hours I've already had a trip to the bike shop (bearing cake of course!), thought I'd best pop down and say hi seen as I'm working there again over the bank holiday weekend (it's been a while). Was nice to have a bit of a catch up with everyone (and delay the inevitable unpacking for a bit longer!)

Had a nice walk with my parents and the dogs too.

A day of visitting people and organising stuff tomorrow before my epic couple of weeks of work begins on Monday morning (think I need to be leaving the house by 7.15!)

I'd best get back to unpacking, still have various things strewn across my floor and I haven't even started with the clothes yet!

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