Thursday, March 15, 2012


I'll try and keep it brief because I'm tired and I've got this blooming med chem report to finish the draft of but based on the afternoon I've had I need to write something even if it's just to make me feel a bit better!

The day got off to a not great start, having spent much of the night lying awake and coughing I was rather tired this morning. Pretty sure I was actually asleep at one point in the 9 am lecture on surface chemistry (oops!), coffee powered me through the second lecture although that wasn't great either!

With 4 hours to kill until I had anything else at uni I came home, crashed on my bed and had a nice long nap followed by a rather delicious bacon and cheese sandwich (complete with BBQ sauce), even managed to get a bit more of the report's 9 pages long already!

Right, back to uni for the organic tutorial. got my work back and it was covered in much red pen (thought I'd understood this stuff as well....)

I think I get most of it now, but it was a difficult tutorial for me. Being tired meant paying attention was already difficult, and given that I thought I understood it so therefore had to relearn it I was in a perpetual state of confusedness! The real problem came from the fact we were aiming for a 90 minute tutorial (although it turned out to be almost 2 hours in the end!). I was really struggling to write things down, even by the halfway point (swapped and tried to be right handed for a while!), not helped by the fact our tutor made a few mistakes which meant crossing out what I'd just frantically copied down and doing it again!

Tutor was really great though, the faces I was pulling at the end suggested I was stuck rather than just in pain so he did ask if I was OK! We then launched into a conversation about my arm (which he then decided should probably be continued at the end rather than in front of everyone in the middle of the tutorial!). I think our discussion achieved very little (although it was a much needed discussion I think!), as there's not much any one can do. He's worried about me, and how I'll manage in exams (as am I!) and is going to speak to some people for me and at least try and sort something out. I should probably try and get the ball rolling. Maybe will tomorrow. I don't really do asking for help!

But yeah - by the time I left my arm was really sore, and combined with the already tiredness and now refreshed exam worries I was on the verge of tears as I started walking home. Had to ring my mum on the way back!

My housemate helped when I got back though, a much needed hug and a trip to the shop...

My plan for the evening is do as much of this report as possible (it's only supposed to be a draft so I'm sure it will be fine at the stage...), nice long hot shower and then an early night so I can hopefully catch up on some sleep!

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