Sunday, April 1, 2012


Remember how I jumped out of a plane this week and said I wasn't all that nervous? Well I'm starting work experience/volunteering tomorrow morning and am distinctly more worried about that! Strange how the mind works isn't it? (not looking forward to the early start either!)

Just a warning that the longs days over the next couple of weeks may kill me so please excuse me if my blog posts become dull(er than usual) and my photos also follow the same trend!

Today's been nice though, nice to have some more sunshine after yesterday's greyness. We visited the grandparents and were fed jam doughnuts and jaffa cakes, then an afternoon on a sunny playing field watching my brother play football (they won 4-1!). Thought I'd take the proper camera out for a play while I was there given it's been a while since I last used it. I definitely need to work on my sports photography skills - although should get some practise if I'm going to turn up to some mountain bike races with the camera this season.

Here's a couple of shots:

My brother spent far too much time looking the wrong way!

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