Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I'm not sure I even remember feeling quite this tired before. Not only can I barely keep my eyes open my whole body aches!

I guess that's what a bank holiday weekend working in a bike shop followed by many hours standing in theatre with a lead apron on will do to you (even the med student got a stool!).

I still have the same fascination with medicine, although have slightly lost my enthusiasm for this audit giving that despite the fact what's going on might actually be quite cool (i.e. screwing/plating various bones) you don't get to see much unless you're a real med student!

I have had lots of time for thinking today, much of which I'm sure would make a good blog post but it shall have to come later because I'm rather struggling at the moment. Words aren't working and nor is my arm so I shall stop rambling now!

Today's picture is the scene that greeted me this morning...after 3 days in my job at the bike shop which does involve going outside, with grotty weather, today, with little prospect of getting to see the outside world for 8 hours...

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