Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Well, still feeling a bit rough this morning but armed with cough sweets amongst my usual armoury of drugs off I went to work! Somehow I avoided the rain (it chucked it down on the drive in but stayed dry for my walk from the car!). We had a few things in the office to sort out first but then it was down to theatres. I was a bit apprehensive because I didn't know how I'd react in a theatre situation, it's not something you ever experience in "normal" life.

The thing that struck me first, perhaps surprisingly, was the theatre culture, everybody (except me!) has their place and there are certain routines which must be followed. For example the first procedure we watched (a knee arthroscopy) the theatre manager who was looking after us took us in and asked the registrar if she could speak to Mr. X (the consultant) and got permission, she was always referred to as "sister".

I just tried to keep out of the way, especially when I was put in the theatre with the "scary" consultant on my own in the afternoon! I really enjoyed the experience, most of the procedures we were watching were arthroscopies (shoulder and knee), one of these was quite cool 'cos the patient had a shoulder replacement previously so this could be seen with the camera!

I also got to watch a knee replacement (basically from start to finish). Was really interesting to watch, could see a lot more and understand what was going on better than with the arthroscopies (although perhaps not the best thing to watch before lunch!). I was already pretty keen on doing medicine but today has encouraged me more, not sure whether I'd necessarily want to be a surgeon but it's got me thinking about just how awesome modern medicine really is. Just hope I get in to be able to study it!

Despite the awesomeness it was rather odd, seeing it from this side. Especially when seeing the end of a surgery on someones arm, just a bit weird to see. Hard to describe why though! Just hope I don't bump into my consultant next week (especially seen as I'm seeing him the following week to deliver the bad news that I'm not fixed!).

Here's me dressed up ready to go into theatre (excuse the rubbish photo!)
More good news is that due to the bank holidays, and the fact that everyone seems to be taking tomorrow off, I don't have to go in again until Tuesday. Means I have a couple of days to relax, and to get some work done before a bank holiday weekend in the bike shop! Also means just 4 days in the theatres next week (hopefully seeing the main theatres at some point as well as the ortho ones), depending how we get on I may well extend my volunteering period 'cos I think this will prove to be invaluable experience!

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