Thursday, April 26, 2012


Back seeing the GP this morning, hard to stay annoyed 'cos he's such a nice guy (if not a little bit patronising at times) and apparently it was the secretary's fault...

That means my referral is now finally in the process of being sorted.  While I was there I queried the bruise that's still on my elbow from when he "stabbed" me.  It's apparently not a bruise, he went into a wonderful metaphor about chicken skin to explain it.  I'm still chuckling about it.

"Can I have a look it at?, ah yes, that's not really a bruise.  Have you ever seen an uncooked chicken when it's been all plucked?..."

Not sure he's realised I'm a "scientist", and am interested in medicine (despite telling him about the work experience just a couple of minutes before) so do have a vague understanding of things.  Not that I'm complaining, I'd much rather he explained things and makes sure I understand (which he does), than assumes knowledge and leaves me clueless about what's going on!

Just to make today that bit better I also had a dentist appointment.  I spent much time in the waiting room, I was a little bit early and they were running late.  Story of my life!  Did have a little bit of paper work to fill in while I was waiting though...they apparently like to know about medications and stuff (not that I could spell them all...).  Still had enough time sitting there to get nervous though.  

I used to be fine with the dentist, but then our family dentist retired and we had one I really didn't like for a while (wasn't just me, my dad thought she was incompetent too!).  I have to say the dentist up here has been very good, and I'll try and stay with him after uni if I can, he has slightly restored my faith in the profession (although his new hair style was a mistake!), he's a nice enough chap, lovely accent (just as well 'cos he likes the sound of his voice!) and I was rather impressed that he remembered about my arm and asked how I was getting on.  "You're teeth are the least of your worries at the moment then."  Yeah, you could say that!

Thankfully after what can only be described as a thorough check up my teeth are in good shape (glad something is!).

Seems I've got my moneys worth out of the NHS today.  Despite the apparent disorganisedness and many failings I really can't complain.  I've seen a GP for free, and am now waiting to hear back from a clinic where I will see a consultant, again for free (although I was offered a private option!).  I then picked up 2 prescriptions and didn't have to pay a penny and then although I didn't take up much of his time saw a dentist without having to pay too.  Makes letting them off an occasional mistake seem a little more acceptable doesn't it?  

Spent far too much time here today:

And getting rained on (the weather tricked me!)

Really should be getting on with work now.  My presentation (which I'll be giving on Monday but said I'd get done by tomorrow) is kind of done, but I know it's not long enough.  I spent hours (I really did!), reading last night - textbooks, papers and patents trying to get a bit more background information and understanding so that I could add more into the talk.  Didn't find a whole lot more to add, but I do have a slightly better knowledge of the area, which I guess is the point of these exercises.  Might even be useful because one of the reactions I need to talk about was something we learnt this year and therefore might be in an exam!

It was nice to do because it reminded me that chemistry can be interesting.  Sometimes the good stuff gets lost and you become too focussed on assessment.  Then again, it's the assessment that counts.  I've hit a bit of a wall really - I've reached the point in all the bits of ongoing work where I really don't want to do any more (having been rotating around them so I can avoid things I don't want to do!).

Presentation needs lengthening (due Monday).  Med chem report needs a lot of work (due sometime next week).  Biosynthesis notes need finishing (no real deadline but the sooner the better!).  Need to start note making on Catalysis, polymers and surfaces too (may abandon some of the note making seen as I only seem to be managing a few pages a day).  Then I need to actually learn it all!

I'm trying not to think about exams really.  If I don't think about them, and how quickly they are approaching I won't panic.  Too much.  Keeping one eye on the prize though...despite many "shall I/shan't I?" ponderances I'm getting far too excited about medicine!  I suspect the following of people at various stages through their medical lives isn't helping - on the whole everyone from 1st year students right up to long standing consultants all make it sound very appealing, even the complainy tweets sound almost good to me! 

Wow I really have gone on a bit today.  I suppose congratulations are in order if you made it through all that! My arm hurts having typed all that out, ah well..another excuse to delay work for just a little while longer...

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