Friday, April 6, 2012


I want to start today's post with something that I forgot to mention the other day, relating to my work experience/volunteering, although the thought has some what developed now!

Having now officially seen medicine from the other side it has got me a lot more excited about it! I still need to do a lot of thinking because getting there is going to be a lot of hard work (physically, intellectually and emotionally I imagine), not to mention the financial implications of following the path. I'll work it out eventually!

I'm now really looking forward to my week of shadowing work at the end of June as this will allow me to see more areas, I found myself fascinated in the theatres by what was going on but at the same time there were many questions which were remaining unanswered because being there to do a specific audit means that's all I got to see. I'm really interested to see more of the before and after the surgery - all the patients were asleep by the time I saw them, and I only saw 1 awake at the end (and that was only just awake!) - so I'd like to see more of the process.

At this point I should clarify although medicine excites me and it was really great to see I do understand that it is not a good time for the patients (and having been on the side of it I do understand), and I'd much prefer it if no one ever needed to see a doctor! Just seeing the surgery, and in several cases on Wednesday I never even saw the patient from under the drapes, means it's easy to stay emotionally unattached. In fact I found that easier than pulling of records, particularly when pulling a file of a young child (it's bad enough that they're in hospital at all) but to see the thickness of some of the files, you know that they must be (or have been) very poorly indeed and have spent a lot of time in hospitals. It just makes you think.

Sorry I'll stop talking about it now!

Onto slightly less exciting matters - today is my last day off for 7 days (have 3 days at the bike shop and then 4 in the hospital) so making the most of the time to get some work done seen as exams are looming. My aim is to be as close to exam ready as I can be by then end of the holidays and then the remaining 3 weeks can be spent keeping the knowledge in my head, rather than getting it there. I'm very conscious of needing to do well in these exams (and coursework in some cases 'cos I'm broken!).

Have been reasonably productive so far (have managed to make notes on 1 of the remaining 3 polymers lectures), despite distractions from cycling on TV and of course from the dogs. They're too lovely to leave along for too long and always want a cuddle! (also distracted by thoughts of wanting a new pet having been to the pet shop yesterday, I miss having Ned around...not sure what I want to get though...).

Today's picture is therefore dogs!

Pretty sure you've seem them before, but here's Barnaby - an almost 11 year old springer with less than the average number of legs! Still a bit mad, but now he's getting older he's happy to lie down and have a cuddle instead of running around all the time!

And Dobby, a much younger Cocker Spaniel. Totally nuts. Wouldn't have him any other way though, he's stupidly quick but very soppy. Loves a cuddle and if you don't satisfy his cuddling desires he'll use his head to nudge you until you do!
Very rare to catch him sitting still!

Despite reasonable productivity so far I expect it'll slow down pretty rapidly now. I've already been hit by sore armness (wonder how I'll get on in the shop with the arm...). I'll do my best though. Medicine won't happen if I don't get good enough marks now!

So until tomorrow, goodbye!

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