Monday, April 16, 2012


I knew that it probably wouldn't but the magic didn't come this morning. Had rather a long chat with my consultant (no wonder he's always late!), to discuss everything. To cut a long story short he says there's nothing more he can do for me.

It sounds like my nerves were in some way damaged during the surgery (the nerves causing problems after the original accident are apparently purely motor function) and are now sending the wrong signals hence my pain. He's going to refer me to the pain management team and then it's just a case of hoping that it fixes itself.

In the mean time I'm getting in touch with the consultant from last week, I feel the opinion of someone else is important, and I think being from a different background he'll be able to look at things from a different angle and therefore perhaps come up with something previously missed. Well I hope so anyway (not even sure I'll be able to see him yet!). So fingers crossed things get sorted! It gives me some reason to be optimistic anyway.

This has led to a bit of a grumpy day, I've not managed to get much work done...have made notes on a few slides from 1 lecture and that's it because my heart just isn't in it today! Meeting with friends and getting my hair cut tomorrow but hopefully I'll be able to get some work fitted in too!

In a vague attempt to cheer up a bit, and prove to myself that I'll be alright I went out on my bike, took my dad too. In a previous life we'd have gone for a ride *around* the reservoir, rather than just there and back but that definitely wasn't going to happen today. 2.76 miles is the furthest I've ridden in a long time (and being home now it had a bigger hill!), and don't I know it. Despite the fact it hurt (arm not legs!), I'm glad I got out. Have at least cleared my head a bit now.

2012 total: 46.92 miles (given that many people are aiming to get 1000 miles this month alone that's a bit pathetic isn't it?)

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