Thursday, April 19, 2012


I suppose I should start by updating you on the referral to new consultant progress.

I decided to ring them back at lunchtime today, just so I know what's going on. Had to wait to be rang back by the appropriate secretary (OK, lunchtime probably wasn't the best time to ring!). It seems the message I left on Tuesday got lost. And he's not in this afternoon. So he might be able to sort it out tomorrow instead. If I'm lucky!

My plan to get it sorted by him (my official GP, but not the one I've been seeing recently) because I thought it would be quicker than waiting for the one who I've actually been seeing to come back from his holiday (think he's back next week anway) has some what failed.

Will see what they say tomorrow if not I was going to be making an appointment in the next couple of weeks anyway 'cos he said he's going to try acupuncture to help once I'm back after Easter, and I need more drugs soon :P

Why are things so unnecessarily complicated sometimes?

On the subject of unnecessarily complicated things - revision. I'd be going much faster if these notes (the handout we were given rather than any notes I've actually made) were organised in such a way that I could follow the mechanisms and work out what's actually going on! Slowed down further by the fact that hand writing seems to be the only to efficiently get through the various syntheses (I did try it on the computer but it takes *ages* and far more patience than I have going spare!)

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