Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Woke up this morning feeling a bit rough! (despite having gone to bed at half 8 cos I was cream crackered!). I briefly contemplated phoning in and saying I wasn't going to turn up to "work" today but I figured I ought to go in if I could. So off I went...

We spent the first half an hour or so discussing plans for the audit we'll be doing, as they've now started to decide on the official questions and then off to the medical records department (we got there and back without getting lost!), spent the morning pulling records for clinics next week (and the week after due to the bank holiday). If I'd stayed long enough I expect I might have had to find my own file given that I'm due back in just under a fortnight!). Having got to the end of the pile just after 12 (and seen as I'd filled up my trolley!) that was lunchtime.

I wimped out and went home rather than spending the afternoon back in medical records. It's not a brilliant job for someone with a sore arm and that combined with the fact I wasn't feeling any better (my voice is slowly disappearing too...) I nipped back up to the office and they said it was OK so off home I went!

Before leaving I was filled on on the plans for tomorrow, as the audit involves lots of theatre time and neither myself or the other volunteer has any experience in a theatre we're going to be getting out first taste of it tomorrow (hopefully!), once they've taught us about scrubbing in and what not we'll be observing in the orthopaedic theatres of the hospital. Nothing like a gentle introduction...if anything is going to make either of us queasy/faint I expect orthopaedics might be it! Hopefully I will emerge from the other side without issue! Assuming they let me in anyway, not sure they'll appreciate me coughing and spluttering everywhere in their nice sterile environment (especially with a patient on the table!), fingers crossed even if I don't feel 100% tomorrow my cough has gone!

I have been reasonably productive since I've been back, got a chunk of my lab report done and after a few missed calls managed to sort out the phone call about exams. Have I mentioned I don't like talking on the phone? Anyway, that's now sorted, or at least more sorted than it was. People having already disappeared from uni for Easter means it's a bit tricky for him to organise much more but the plans are there so all is good (I hope). I really need to get going with proper revision!

Today's photo? Someone has been in my room while I was working this morning...

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