Monday, April 2, 2012


I survived!

As predicted the early morning was difficult (although I can leave later tomorrow - yay!), and me being me I couldn't manage breakfast (or much lunch for that matter!), but I've actually had an alright day. Spent the morning doing

"induction" things and an e-learning module of confidentially and found out a bit more about the audit project which I'll be starting next week. The project itself doesn't seem overly interesting (but I don't think it was ever going to be!), but due to it's nature I should get to spend some time in the theatres next week! (maybe a tad excited about wearing scrubs now!)

After a 2 hour lunch break (induction finished quickly and we weren't needed until 2!) it was off to the records office. This seemed very daunting. 250,000 records all organised in what seems like chaos, but actually - once you learn the system it's OK! Wouldn't go as far as to say I enjoyed finding a list of records from every corner of the department but it was still quite good (and I was remarkably efficient!). This has potential to be a summer job (that I might actually get paid for!), back there for most of tomorrow I think so I'll see how I feel about it then (another day of it might put me off!).

The good thing about it is that as a volunteer they are acknowledging that we're really there to help them (despite the fact they've spent a lot of time helping us and we haven't accomplished a whole lot yet!), it does take the pressure off a bit though, so if I feel like I'm dying next week I can have a day off, and equally if I'm really enjoying (as long as I can fit in uni work somewhere) I can carry on helping them for longer as I'm only officially doing 2 weeks!

Anyway, back again tomorrow!

I've been a bit lazy with my photo today, so here's me looking vaguely smart! (Rest assured I'm now back to the usual jumper/jeans combo!)
In other news - you may or may not be aware that I'm in the process of sorting out my summer exams (once again not going to go into huge detail here - sorry), the powers that be were going to try and contact me by Friday (the end of term) and the didn't so I e-mailed him in my lunch break today just to get an update. He now wants to speak to me on the phone. This worries me for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I just generally don't like speaking on the phone, I've got a lot better at it but I still don't like it. Another issue is the fact that my voice seems to be slowly abandoning me which may prove to be problematic given that hand gestures or written words don't travel well over the phone! Plus it means I'm probably (I don't actually know what he's going to say!) going to have to do the whole asking for help/admitting brokenness thing. I don't know why but I just don't like doing it, I tend to struggle on when I can...

Anyway, that's probably enough waffling from me! Shall update you as usual tomorrow!

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