Wednesday, April 25, 2012


OK, well you may have noticed my mojo seems to have been missing lately, and having said yesterday that I was feeling a lot calmer things inexplicably went a bit downhill, today so far (touch wood) has been better though.

Despite torrential rain my recumbent testing was a success.  Only had a quick spin (on 2 different recumbents), but it was enough for my grin to come back for a little while.  The problem with this is that they are rather expensive... I can dream though right...

Staying on the topic of rain, it really was horrendous.  There were some points on my journey that my wipers just didn't have a fast enough setting.  There were some huuuuge puddles too.  I'm a "safe" driver though and will only use my phone when at the traffic lights...

Progress with work this afternoon hasn't been hugely quick, but there has at least been progress.  I put this down to a bit of perspective and some thought last night.  So as I stood a chance of getting some sleep I made a list of all the things that have bothering me, and causing excess worry/panic and then what I'm going to do about them.  It seems that most of the things are a bit out of my hands, for the time being at least, and it's just a matter of waiting and seeing but I can do that.  No point worrying too much about them.

A couple of things do require action, and in one case this action must be carefully thought out, but again, I can do that.  I think I have a bit of a plan and I shall implement it next week...

I haven't spent 2 and a half years working (reasonably) hard to mess things up now (either by fault of mine or someone else's)!

Fingers crossed my new more positive outlook will last.  (or perhaps I'm just in denial!)

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