Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Was almost going to write about having a really productive day today, then I realised I haven't really done *that* much work, and it's a really insignificant amount compared to what is left to be done. Slightly panicking now. Argh!

Logic says I should stop writing and get back to work, but I probably needed the break anyway!

Been waiting all day for a phone call from the GP about my referral, haven't heard anything. I don't know it it's because he deciphered the message and didn't need to speak to me, if he's just been too busy or if he isn't going to do it. Might ring them back tomorrow.... or just wait until the next time I'm there (which I expect will be next week anyway!), cos I don't like phoning. Again - panic!

I did at least manage to sort out the posting of my old frame today. Despite getting soaked on the 10m dash to the car! Rather than finding an appropriate box I used almost an entire roll of parcel tape and constructed one. Only problem was it wouldn't stand up!

OK. I'll stop now. Really ought to get back to doing useful things.

Or more likely, just panicking and flapping but not actually doing anything!

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