Saturday, April 21, 2012


I shan't say much today as I could spend as much time talking about how great some people are as well as the reverse. It's just something recent events have made me think about - the different actions, attitudes and words from various people and how this changes my perception of them.

I just hope that the great people realise how much I appreciate them! (Really I do!)

I'm heading back up to Nottingham tomorrow morning, a week before the end of the holidays. Hoping that a change of scene, and perhaps a few less things going on will give me a bit more inspiration to get on with work as well as perhaps providing a way to get me back to my usual smiley self!

Today's photo is a bit of a cop out as I haven't really done anything today. Just something I have in my room, bought it on holiday a few years ago 'cos it made me smile!

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