Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Well, today has (thankfully) been a much calmer day than yesterday.  Although once again I haven't been that productive.  

I have tried.  But I've been easily distracted, particularly when the "answers" are proving difficult to find and so haven't really achieved that much.  Not helped by the fact that every time my brain says "OK let's do some work" my arm says "No!"  *grumble grumble*.  Still, at least my referral might finally get sorted on Thursday (after being delayed again with the phone call yesterday saying they couldn't work out why I might want to see an arm specialist...)

The most positive thing from today is that I have stocked up on revision supplies, so at least I know in the next couple of weeks (ha - as if they'll last that long!) my revision efforts might at least be rewarded...

If anyone wants to offer hugs they would be greatly appreciated at the moment.  As would someone to re-teach me organic chemistry!  Everything (almost) made sense at the time, but looking back over notes from before Christmas isn't proving to be all that helpful (if I'm honest looking back at notes from before Easter isn't either!).  Exams and deadlines are definitely coming around far too quickly for my liking!

*grumble grumble*

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  1. *hugs*
    Good luck with exams!
    also *hugs*
    I want old style smarties back :(