Saturday, April 28, 2012


Once again a reasonably productive day, although I'm definitely behind where I need to be.  Done a lot more than some of my colleagues mind, and I have an excuse to not go any faster!

In an attempt to keep myself happy, I decided that the time had come to replace poor little Ned.  Hadn't entirely planned on buying anything today, but I couldn't resist them when I went in the shop.  So meet Darwin (right) and Ludo (left).

2 8 week old gerbils. They are chewing machines, and have already got through 2 loo roll tubes!  They're settling in well, and have already turned the wheel into their bed.  I've had a little cuddle with them too, although being careful not to rush things.  Ludo already seems quite happy running over my hand in the cage (although when I had him out he was far happier running on my sleeve than me!).  Darwin is a little bit more nervous and timid but is still lovely. 

I fear I have created a bit of a distraction at exactly the wrong time, sitting trying to make notes of the biosynthesis of penicillins and cephalosporins because slightly more difficult when they're right in front of my running about and playing.  I'm hoping it will turn into a positive distraction.  My ability to revise is limited by my arm and not time so I'm sure it won't hurt to have a few more breaks from writing by watching them!

The housemates have all gone down to Hertfordshire for a party (it's the only non-returning housemate's birthday soon).  I was supposed to be going but decided against it.  It's a long way to go for something I probably won't enjoy.  I don't do late nights, or parties in general!  If it was being held here I would have shown my face for a little while and then sloped off but you don't get that option when it's 100 miles away!

Right, I've done too much writing today so I shall stop typing now before I start pulling faces!

Until tomorrow folks...

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