Monday, April 23, 2012


Today I seem to have reached (what I hope is) the peak of the "stressed Becky" thing.

A slightly worrying e-mail about exams/coursework (which has since been slightly more sorted), and another phone call from the GP's secretary (further delaying the potential referral to new consultant) combined with lecture notes that don't make sense, as well as the usual things, meant that when I went to make a cup of tea in order to maintain some sort of sanity and my tea bag had a hole in it (and it's not the first split tea bag I've had in the box!) I shed a tear a 2 (or several more than that...).  That's definitely not a disproportionate reaction to a split tea bag right?  Just glad my housemates were all still in bed and didn't witness it!

I then spent over an hour lying on my bed drinking tea, eating crumpets and watching Frasier (it's the only thing I brought with me to watch!).

After spending that time calming down and relaxing a bit the last thing I wanted to do was getting back to work, but needs must. I know I have already done more work for these exams than many people, but I haven't done any where near enough to settle my only worries about them and I know a last minute panic isn't going to work.  Even with the short burst method I've been trying to do up to now I've struggled with work (really not helping my exam worries!).

I have managed to do a bit though.  Including the almost epic synthesis of lysine!

No idea how I'm ever going to learn that, or the equivalent for the other 19 amino acids I need to know (although thankfully lots of them overlap) given that I currently can't even name them all, or draw their structures.  Knowing how the biosynthesis works currently seems miles away!  Especially seen as I've previously learnt things like this purely by writing them down again and again until it's stuck.  Something tells me that won't work now...given how long it took me to write that once and how much it hurt to do it!

A bit more of a break so my arm can recover and then back to it...lots more to do! Argh!

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