Thursday, April 12, 2012


I definitely didn't nearly forget to write a blog today!

I've been very busy today, I managed just over an hour of work this morning (going over surface chemistry notes) before getting a bit distracted and getting some other jobs done. Since coming back home again I have been job hunting!

Most of the jobs I've found I've been very under qualified for but 2 have stood out.

1 of which I have now sent off a CV and covering letter to (never had to write a covering letter before!), it's 200 miles north but looks like a great opportunity as they're not requiring experience (which is very unusual). Not going to get my hopes up as I know there are lots and lots of people (most of whom will be much better than me) looking for a job at the moment! Still, feels like I've made a big step. Helps with the whole "deciding my future" thing too.

The other job is many many miles further south. It's a bit different. I've started filling out the application, but with the deadline not until Sunday I'm definitely going to think hard about it! 6 months training in Cambridge followed by 12 months in Antarctica! It'd be a big change, and a big commitment but now would be the perfect time for me to do something like this given I'll be fresh out of university and won't have settled down so I'll be free to go off and have an adventure. I have no doubt that it'd be an amazing experience! (Although again, I expect there will be many people more qualified than me applying!).

So yes, exciting times! It has just about distracted me from thoughts of theatre, it would appear that yesterday made more of an impression than I thought!

Anyway, I'm going to stop now. I've done too much computering today and my arm is sore and I've got over 60 miles to drive tomorrow (I'm playing taxi for the rest of the family!).

Today's photo. Might not have been ridden for a while, but I'm still thinking about bike (well one of them) has new stickers!

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