Sunday, April 15, 2012


Had a busy Sunday - first we were off to visit the grandparents who provided sausage rolls and chocolate cake before we headed off to my brother's football match.

Let me assure you that it was really cold. And windy. And there was rain and hail. Although the sun did come out for a while too. On the plus side his team won 2-0 (much to the dislike of the other team who were rather vocal about their frustrations...).

I took the camera again to play with, figured I need the practice with action shots if I'm hoping to get some good cycling pictures at a few races this summer. Did manage to get a few half-decent shots today, although I gave up midway through the first half 'cos my arm was giving me "gyp" (as my dad would say...).

Here's a couple of the pictures:

I'm not sure what it is about it, but I really like this shot. It was a bit of an accident if I'm honest, but it really caught my eye when I was initially going through them. No one else seems to be convinced though!
And a couple of proper action shots...

I think this one highlights just how competitive the game was!
I think it's safe to say that there is much work to be done with my photography skills, but I enjoy it and I'm sure I'm getting better!

Right - tomorrow is the big day. First time seeing my consultant in 6 months. Not sure entirely what I'm hoping for given that I've seen a few people in the last few months and none have really been able to help- I'm pretty sure the options are physio (tried that and was told I'm not ready for physio!), maybe something surgical (not very keen on that idea!) or continuing with pain management (fine in the short term, but again something I'm not very keen on).

Some sort of magic hand waving would suit me rather nicely but something tells me that's not going to happen! But I can dream right? Would make a change from dreaming about cycling which has oddly found its way in to my head while I'm asleep....turns out I can ride up big mountains really fast (yeah...I wish!).

My friend's offered to take me to save me driving there, and to give me a bit of moral support so I'm sure I'll be fine! Shall let you know how it goes...

That'll do from me for now. I was contemplating doing some biosynthesis revision (oddly that's the topic I'm feeling most motivated about!), but that would require writing and I don't fancy it. Instead I'm going to turn my hand to teaching as my brother is in dire need of a crash course in algebra!

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