Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Rather unexpectedly today turned into my last day of volunteering with the audit team. Friday was looking like a bit of a no go anyway due to lots of absences and a quiet list, but I had a chat with a couple of people in the department and we decided it was best for me to have tomorrow off too, given that I've been working hard for 2 and a half years to get this chemistry degree and it has to take priority in the last couple of months if I'm going to get the best out of it!

Today though, has been a great day. One of the theatre staff (she's some sort of specialist/senior nurse) took the time to explain procedures to me and make sure I had a good view of what was going on so it was really interesting. Also got into a conversation with her about bikes - turns out her and the scary consultant from last week (who I was back with today, and he isn't that scary!) had been in the shop that I work in a couple of weeks ago getting new bikes!

We had a good chat about various cycling related things, and of course the subject of my crash came up! Was very impressed with the consultant who managed to ascertain from the slight red mark around my elbow that I'd had a steroid injection (despite that being a couple of months ago!), it seems that if my consultant can't help me when I go back next week (I'm on the borders of his speciality) this consultant might be able to have a look at me and see if there's anything he can do instead (nice to know I'm not being given up on!). They've also suggested me as a case to be used in a junior doctor teaching session, because apparently I'm "interesting"!

But anyway, yes, a really great day. Definitely got me excited about the prospect of being a med student!
Now back to uni work. Have a few things I need to get done over the next few days as well as work but hopefully I can catch up a bit now I'm done at the hospital, although I'm sure the arm will slow me down anyway!

I have nearly got my lab report done, when that's out of the way it's "just" my med chem report, presentation and then revision left to be done! Oh dear. That's lots of work! (panic!)

I best get on with it then...

P.S. Wasn't the sky awesome today? Wish I'd stopped on the drive home for a photo!

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